The Charming Cherub
Handmade for you since 1988

Debra Farley has always had a love for antiques and boutique style jewelry. While in college she started making her own jewelry and selling it right off herself. As she finished getting her degree in education, she began to to set up at local art and craft festivals along with large antique markets. While working the antique markets she made many conections for her vintage finds. Such as antique lace, vintage postcards and antique dolls along with  broken china shards.  Debra is a self taught artist of 30 years and her techniques started with a stained glass background. She uses silver solder that is just for jewelry. She is now working in mixed metals creating bezels with torch soldering work. 
Debra has always had a touch for creating a style that is heirloom quality.  Doing custom orders with customers own lace and vintage pieces.  She creates a whole look down to her booth display. Her customers just love to visit with her and her husband in their award winning display that shows Debra’s jewelry off in the perfect setting. 
Debra’s work is very feminine with a little bit of an edgy feel.